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Be that a simple question from everyday lectures, an assistance needed for the internship or a simple advice how to manage a work-situation Dr. Cox is there to help you. As far as we are already second year students and have only a term to graduate, Dr. Cox organized a resume writing workshop.

“Make your resume clean and crisp”, was the most important message from Dr. Cox. Then she explained which the main ideas were behind clean and crisp: Read the rest of this entry »

MBA second year students have studied hard. Isn’t it too little to say about their first academic year which lasted from Sept. 2009 to Dec.2010 without any vacation?

We are already 2nd year students and are very proud of it. The only “complain” we have is the lack of vacations. Yes! I mean lack of any vacation during the summer 2010.

Garnik, a friend of mine from CoE, always makes fun of us, MBA students. “How was your summer vacation?” was his favorite question whenever we met in the elevator Read the rest of this entry »

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Paris, London, Barcelona or maybe Dilijan, Tsakhadzor and Sevan…. Surely this is what many of AUA students will have during their summer vacations.

Everyone will arrange the vacation the way he wants and will have at least several days of relax and leisure.

However this does’t refer to Business School students. We already know we will have a summer term. Read the rest of this entry »

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