Top MBA Employers in Armenia

Posted on: January 13, 2011

I was wondering which are the top companies MBA students  prefer to work for? Many of my fellow MBA students were already working before AUA, some of them found jobs later on. But the question is are they working for the employers they wished they were? Or are they just on jobs they were able to find?

A simple research* of mine helped me find out top 15 companies MBA students all over the world prefer to work for:

Rank Company Fortune 500 rank (2009) % students who
put in top 5
1 Google 117 20.67%
2 McKinsey & Company N.A. 19.34%
3 Bain & Company N.A. 14.92%
4 Goldman Sachs Group 40 14.34%
5 Apple 71 13.49%
6 The Boston Consulting Group N.A. 12.62%
7 Walt Disney 60 8.86%
8 Nike 136 8.83%
9 J.P. Morgan 16 8.78%
10 Johnson & Johnson 29 8.32%
11 The Blackstone Group N.A. 7.98%
12 Microsoft 35 7.86%
13 General Electric 5 7.37%
14 Morgan Stanley 30 6.74%
15 IDEO N.A. 6.68%

I really doubt there is any statistics for Armenia, but I would like to have at least a vague picture of what is going on. Pls write the companies you work for mentioning whether that was the place you wanted to work initially or it’s just a “job to be done”. BE ANONYMOUS IF YOU WANT.



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p.s. all the comments and letters I got from my friends about their employers were Banking sphere oriented =) So far banks are the most favorite ones. Is this GOOD or BAD?

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