Clean And Crisp Resumes By Dr. Cox

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Be that a simple question from everyday lectures, an assistance needed for the internship or a simple advice how to manage a work-situation Dr. Cox is there to help you. As far as we are already second year students and have only a term to graduate, Dr. Cox organized a resume writing workshop.

“Make your resume clean and crisp”, was the most important message from Dr. Cox. Then she explained which the main ideas were behind clean and crisp:

  • Have focus (develop your vision and follow it even if it is too hard)
  • Be consistent (in the information you provide, in the fonts and styles of your design)
  • Never lie (don’t be fake and never provide misleading information)
  • Identify key words (review the job description and find key words to use in your resumes and cover letter)
  • Use contact person’s last name (write “Dear John”; never ever write “to whom it may concern”)
  • Never send a Resume without a cover letter (hint: when writing an e-mail to apply for a job always attach Cover Letter first)
  • Always use the word Resume (Resume for the Business Environment)
  • Be extra accurate in your attire when attending an interview
  • Be ready to provide reference letters (take reference letters or contact information with you to the interview, but don’t provide unless you are asked to do so)
  • Be patient (do not bother  the employee with phone calls, you will be contacted)

Dr. Cox emphasized the importance of the workshop as many of the students are going to “sell themselves as professionals”, “promote” and “get the dream works” just in the nearest future. As she mentioned, “Write your resume the way which will make the employer interested and eventually call you to an interview”.

Thanks a lot Dr. Cox! And good luck to everyone!!!


5 Responses to "Clean And Crisp Resumes By Dr. Cox"

Good sum up, Lusy. Thank you, and thank you Dr. Cox 🙂

Lusine, you and all my students are very welcome; it is my pleasure! Great job on the summary and thank you for the post and kind words.

Well done my dear :)))

Thanks everyone =)

Good Job Luc jan :))) Congratulations 🙂
Thanks to you and Dr. Cox 🙂

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