Our Yummy Breaks

Posted on: March 29, 2010

Break: the most expected and joyous part of a class. Most of its breaks MBA students spend in Seroj’s famous “sole proprietorship”.

Seroj is a young guy who maintains a small shop just near AUA. He is our personal chief-cook, who permanently rescues us from famine and thirst. The “menu” which Seroj offers mainly consists of different pasties and sandwiches. But I think his masterpiece is ham and cheese sandwich. YUMMY, YUMMY! I tried it once and order it again and again and again. Those are unseen, unheard, fantastic for me and very popular among other AUA students.

Most of them sometimes prefer it to home made snack. Even if having time to go home and have lunch before the next lesson starts I have seen many of my friends staying in University and eating Seroj’s famous ham and cheese. By the way it goes well with a cup of tea in winter and a coke when it’s hot.

Not only sandwiches but other junk stuff are at hand at Seroj’s. Doughnuts, chips, pens, cigarettes, etc. are all the products which AUA students find at his shop if needed. We like most is that Seroj’s is open even on Sundays when MBA has to meet at AUA and do group works

I think Seroj must be given a medal and an AUA diploma for feeding the generations of AUA students.

by Hasmik Mirzoyan

Photo © sanctumsolitude

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2 Responses to "Our Yummy Breaks"

By the way Seroj has promised that by the time our spring semester starts, our favourite “Darchinov Chay” will be there again, and not only Darchinov Chay….

I missed it 🙂

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